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For the health of yourself and your family, you will never wash your car

Steam car wash nowadays is no longer a new word, and information about steam car wash is everywhere, especially in the past two years, with the concept of on-site service, steam car wash project is moving from the physical storefront to the community to every car and everyone around us.

then what is the advantage of steam car wash?

1.”Steam sterilization” is the advantage of steam car wash

Steam sterilization is the preferred method of car air cleaning by cleaning the vehicle with a common cleaning agent and wiping it with a protective agent or dry cleaning to clean the compartment, carpet, floor mats and seat covers. Then spray the detergent, bactericide in the car, and finally disinfect with high temperature steam. The fungicide contains an enzyme that produces a decomposing source of odor, which can remove odor and bacteria.

For the health of yourself and your family, you will never wash your car simply

2.Sterilization for children

The bacteria in the car is called “the most invisible killer in the 21st century”. The interior of the car is closed, the temperature is relatively high, and it is easy for bacteria to grow. The pad and the inner wall fold also provide living space for the bacteria. There must be experience, the child’s system is weak, and it is easy to be immersed in bacteria. The old man also has such a situation, and now the urban people’s system is generally weak. In addition, the car often contains some sundries, which are easily bred by bacteria. Therefore, it is very necessary to sterilize the interior of the car regularly.

For the health of yourself and your family, you will never wash your car simply

3.Reduce the “incidence rate” of cancer

The main culprit for women with lung cancer is “secondhand smoke” and “kitchen fumes.” Carcinogens such as benzopyrene, volatile nitrosamines, and heterocyclic amines in kitchen fumes cause mutations in human tissue, leading to cancer. Women who are 40-60 years old who have been exposed to soot for a long time have a 2-3 fold increase in the risk of lung cancer and breast cancer, causing endless pain to the family.

The unparalleled disinfection and sterilization effect of steam can effectively reduce the damage of kitchen fumes and “second-hand smoke” to family members.

For the health of yourself and your family, you will never wash your car simply

why do you have to choose steam sterilization?

A lot of people will think of “car sauna” (of course, some people are not very familiar with the car sauna), after all, nowadays, many people in the sauna will associate with the sauna. “Car Sauna” is a brand new car wash concept in the car wash industry. It uses a high temperature steam sauna machine to spray steam to clean the car. Compared with the traditional car wash method, it has unparalleled disinfection and bactericidal effect. Because it has the same effect as the long-awaited sauna, it is affectionately called “car sauna”. It is best to do the car sauna once a month. It is because of the economic and personal laziness problem. It is recommended to do it once a year. This can remove the bacteria and other dirt in the car, which is good for the health of drivers and occupants.


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