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is there any advantages of using auto interior steam cleaner for business

First Question: Is this Auto Interior Steam Cleaner Machine Safe on the Paint? How About The Wax?

When done correctly it is absolutely safe on both the wax coating and the paint! Just put on the single hole jetted nozzle (included!) and work in patterns. Using a micro fiber or terry towel and the power of the steam, wipe the car clean! This method is considered by many to be safer then traditional car washes spinning brushes slapping against and buffing your car. With our Steam Cleaner Machine method you are hand wiping the car. There is one big difference here. The human touch gives you the ability to be respect the surface much more then a blind machine. In that respect, the dry steam process is better and safer. Wax: As far as the wax job goes the steam is harmless. If you consider that in the summer the surface temperature can get over 150 Degrees F, more then enough to cook an egg yet some how the wax remains. Auto wax is designed to stand up to very hot temperatures. That combined with he fact that the steam, when it hits the surface is reduced in temperature as the nozzle tip is not directly on the surface but rather you hold it some 4 to 12 inches away. To remove wax you would have to put the nozzle tip directly on the car or somehow encapsulate the steam. Even then, it would not be easy. The wax job will remain intact and beautiful using this method. In fact, if you use one of our chemical injected steamer you can actually inject a “wash-n-wax” or “Zip-Wax” solution along with the steam to increase the shine.

is there any advantages of using auto interior steam cleaner

Second Question: Can Our Auto Interior Steam Cleaner Machine Really Clean Cars? YES THEY CAN!

They can clean a car just as well if not better then a traditional car wash! There is no question about the ability of a high quality dry vapor steam cleaner to perform beautifully as a “waterless” dry car wash system! Further more, their low cost means you can start making money right away. Less overhead and capital invested means a faster return on your investment and greater profit over all! I’ll say that again, faster return and greater profit! They can and do clean cars beautifully and further more, cost less and produce NO waist water!

Third Question: Is Auto Interior Steam Cleaner Machine Limited?

No Way! In fact the possibilities of expansion are unlimited. It is all up to you! You can expand as much as your local market or if you’re thinking big, as much as you national or global market will handle! There is no limit to the size of your car wash. 1 Man + 1 Steamer = Complete Car Wash Business with unlimited potential! More Men + More Steamers = a speedy FULL sized car wash service handling lines of cars. Expansion is a phone call away! Just order another steamer and give it to one of your men or perhaps even your wife. The whole family can join in on this business as it is easy to learn and even easier to do. lets not forget that working with steam is healthy! That’s right, healthy! No harmful fumes, chemicals or gasses. Just pure steam and healthy exercise. Lets not forget that you can use your vapor steam cleaner to detail the inside of the car as well as the outside. There are also thousands of other uses for a vapor steam cleaner such as janitorial work, sanitizing & more.
is there any advantages of using auto interior steam cleaner
Fourth Question: How Fast Can I Clean a Car?

Very fast, one man can clean a fairly dirty mid sized car in under 10 to 15 min. A car that is not very dirty could take as little is 5 to 7 minutes to do the exterior. The speed will depend upon how dirty the car is. Watch our first dry car wash video, you can see it done live. A whole one side of that car, even though it was very dirty took less then 4 and a halfminutes. There are many factors that can effect the amount of time it might take like the wattage of the steamer you purchase, weather you use the hot water injection system or not, apply zip-wax via a chemical injected steamer or not, the over all size of the vehicle and so on. The bottom line is it gets the job done with no water run off, no mess, no expensive facility, no environmental impact, extremely low water usage, it can be done anywhere even in a parking lot and to top it of it does an amazing job and does it quickly.

Fifth Question: Are There Any Hidden Costs?

No, never! Just the cost of the steam cleaner and you are free! You simply buy one of our world class vapor steam cleaning systems and you are free to work. No fees, no charges, no hidden costs. All you need is one of our steam cleaners, some water and a pile of common every day terry towels or micro-fiber towels that you can purchase just about anywhere. The rest is up to you.

is there any advantages of using auto interior steam cleaner

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