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CWCD04B portable steam cleaner

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car steam cleaner machine

portable steam cleaner for cars,car steam cleaner for sale from China

1. this portable steam cleaner for cars has compact structure and beautiful look,it is easy to operate, and intuitive display, this car steam cleaner runs stably and reliably!
2. All shell of the car steam cleaner is made of stainless steel,but with no rust, light weight, high durability!
3. Using a 0.75 nozzle, the fuel consumption is only 3 liters for 1 hour, and the fuel consumption is low.
4. this car steam cleaner for sale is heated by diesel, and steam output is only within 1 minute which is fast heating speed and high efficiency.
5. The advanced fuel heating furnace ensures continuous supply of steam, automatic heating control, automatic stop of heating when water shortage, and delayed shutdown of the gun.

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